An Outdoor Trail Experience With An Indoor Line

Located on the haunted asylum grounds of the Peoria State Hospital

Explore the legend of an old mining village that was overtaken by an evil entity known as Doom.Venture through the Mine, Olde Towne & Darkwell Museum before falling prey to Doom’s evil INFESTATION.

OLD STATE MINE is an all-outdoor trail based around the legend of an old mining village that was overtaken by an evil entity known as Doom. Journey down through time to unveil the origins of Doom's evil plan for Assimilation! If you are not consumed by the ghostly fire, you will wind through the narrow paths leading through the Doom-infested Mine, then ascend into the haunted village, Old Town. Those who claw their way out will still be faced with the Demons and their Hell Hounds unleashed by the dimensional rip open in the Mine.Survivors that manage to drag themselves to the top of the bluff will arrive at DarkWell Museum. Although the Museum Curator suddenly locked the doors, exhibits have continued to be delivered to the boarded-up Museum. Many evil and haunted items which never made it off the loading docks are now free to inhabit the Museum grounds. Traverse through these ancient evils if you hope to survive!


2023 Old State Mine Preview Trailer


2023 Event Dates:

Sept 30 | Oct 6 | Oct 7 | Oct 13 | Oct 14 | Oct 20 | Oct 21 | Oct 27 | Oct 28 | Nov 4 (Online Only Date)

2023 Hours:

7pm -> Midnight


Old State Mine is brought to you by: Doom Industries

Proceeds go to the Not-For-Profit Peoria State Hospital Museum.


4208 W Pfeiffer Rd, Bartonville, IL 61607


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